Redskins news: Chris Thompson admits that Alex Smith likely won't play in 2019
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Redskins RB Chris Thompson admits that Alex Smith likely won’t play in 2019

Chris Thompson, Alex Smith

There has been plenty of speculation regarding Washington Redskins quarterback Alex Smith’s status for the 2019 NFL season. It appears running back Chris Thompson already has an idea.

Smith is in the early stages of recovering from the devastating knee injury he suffered during the 2018 campaign. Thompson says the team is preparing for life without Smith this year, via NBC Sports Washington:

“We know and understand that it’s probably not going to happen that we have him this year,” Thompson said.

Thompson’s update should come as no surprise. Smith recently made a few public appearances sporting a rather elaborate leg cast. It is safe to assume that it will be quite a while before he is in any kind of playing shape.

Thompson is also speaking from a place of experience. He has also had to deal with his fair share of injuries in recent years. He knows full well that an injury as severe as the one Smith suffered is going to take some time. As a result, it appears he and the other running backs are getting ready for a heavy workload next season.

Smith’s status raises further questions about Washington’s uncertainty under center. As of right now, quarterback Colt McCoy is slated to take over despite fracturing his leg down the final stretch of the season. The front office will certainly have to consider bringing in more veteran talent to help stabilize the offense. It is no secret that their struggles under center ultimately led to their downfall this year.