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Trademark squatter newest hurdle for Washington name change


The change for the Washington Redskins‘ team name is now imminent. The team executives are now deliberating on the new identity that the organization will be taking on for the upcoming season. However, a man named Martin McCaulay stands in the way.

The 61-year old Virginia resident shared with Richmond.com:

“A squatter reserves a name with no intention to use it,” he said. “I went to the extreme of buying a lot of merchandise, making it my brand, and selling it.”

Five years ago, he filed for a total of 44 claims related to potential Washington team names if they changed the Redskins moniker. Some of these names include the Americans, Bravehearts, Federals, Forces, Founders, Gladiators, Monuments, Natives, Pandas, Pigskins, Red-Tailed Hawks, Renegades, Sharks, Veterans, and Tribe.

For McCaulay, he treats these purchases as a hobby and one that can pay major payoffs once he gets the chance to capitalize on it, which could be the case with the Redskins’ situation. He shared his statement to Fox5 back in 2015:

“Now when I look into the future, I see no change for 10 years, and then in 10 years, I see the name changing to the Washington Warriors. And if not the Warriors, then the Americans.”

McCaulay also bared that he already sent a letter to the NFL last week offering his trademarks for free if it sped up the process of renaming. However, he said he failed to receive a response since then which resulted in him withdrawing his offer.

Head coach Ron Rivera bared that he hopes a new identity can be in place before the 2020 season starts in September. The decision to change the nickname of Washington’s NFL team is expected to be announced on Monday.