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Redskins officially ‘retire’ name, but new nickname still pending

Washington Redskins

The NFL’s Washington franchise has been under heavy fire these past couple of months and there doesn’t seem to be an immediate end to the teams woes especially with the recent developments regarding sexual harassment, verbal abuse, and other toxic behavior within the organization.

For now, the small glimpse of light in the form of the team’s decision to finally retire the team’s controversial will have to do.

According to ESPN’s Adam Schefter via Twitter, Washington will, effective immediately, be known as the “Washington Football Team” until they approve a new team name. The NFL insider clarified that the previously mentioned name is not the team’s final choice for renaming and rebranding but is merely their chosen place holder until an official name is adopted in the future.

In an article posted in the wake of earlier tweets, Schefter reported that the Washington Football Team will keep the team’s original burgundy and gold color scheme. Their former Redskins logo on the helmets will be replaced by players numbers in gold. The team plans to debut their home and away jersey against the Philadelphia Eagles in Week 1 and then versus the Arizona Cardinals in Week 2.

Finally, Schefter said the team is planning to continue the process of fully retiring the Redskins name. They hope to completely remove the previous team name “on physical and digital spaces in the next 50 days” or by the season-opener against the Eagles on Sept. 13.

The Washington franchise has yet to decide on their future name.