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Rekkles leaves G2, heads to French league with Karmine Corp in 2022

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Martin “Rekkles” Larsson, arguably Europe’s best AD Carry, will not be playing in the LEC next season as he officially joins Karmine Corp (KCorp) in the French league, LFL. Rekkles has parted ways with G2 Esports, with the move hinted as early as the start of the League of Legends World Championship. The move comes as a huge shake-up to the European scene and says a lot about how other “non-major” leagues are ramping up with star power.

Rekkles had only recently signed with G2 after his five-year tenure with LEC rivals Fnatic, but the team proved to have a tough 2021 campaign. The former LEC champions lost their grip over the rest of the region, with Fnatic in fact dealing the crushing blow to eliminate G2 during the Summer playoffs.

When Rekkles and team failed to qualify for Worlds 2021—the first time they missed the tournament in three years—G2 owner Carlos Rodriguez had announced that a rebuild would be incoming, with the superstar bot laner among the players benched from the starting lineup.

Fans had begun speculating where Rekkles would go, as he’s easily touted as still one of the best ADCs around. But perhaps no one had expected the move to KCorp and the French league. It would mark the first time in his pro career that he would not be playing in LEC, but the community is no doubt excited to see what he can do.

Rekkles has built an illustrious career so far, but the poor year at G2 definitely left a bit of a smudge. He’ll be looking to bounce back and making a statement with his new team, even if it means playing in a lesser known league. While the move may appear risky, fans ought not to look down on KCorp, who had topped the LFL in back-to-back splits in 2021—becoming the first ever team to win the French league twice.

The off-season has just started, and already we’ve seen some big moves. With a stacked free agency market, League fans have strapped in for a wild ride before the 2022 season rolls around.