For the first time in his career, Dwyane Wade could be on his way out from Miami.

As reported by Brian Windhorst of ESPN, initial negotiations between Wade and the Miami Heat have “not produced a common ground between the parties,” and as a result, he'll field offers when free agency begins on Friday.

Windhorst's sources have told him that Wade's representatives have also contacted various other teams around the league, telling them that he'll be available. Not everybody believes it will happen; he notes that some teams question if Dwyane will really leave Miami after all these years and all of the history he's made there.

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Last offseason, it took awhile before Wade and the Heat finally agreed on a one-year contract for $20 million. Dwyane can still have a major impact on the court but he's far from the player he once was, which is where the contention between both sides occurs. Wade wants to be rewarded for everything he's done for the franchise, and the Heat want to pay him closer to what his talent is actually worth, in their opinion.

After last season, there's a greater argument on Wade's side. Seemingly putting past injury issues with his knees behind him, Wade took the court for 74 games, the most in the last five years, and he put up solid numbers with 19 points, 4.1 rebounds, and 4.6 assists per game.

There will be more cap space than ever this summer, but Miami's desire to possibly keep Hassan Whiteside and bring in another high-profile free agent could end up leading to Wade's ultimate departure from South Beach.

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