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Resident Evil Village Demo Extended for Another Week

Resident Evil Village Demo

Resident Evil Village will have its final multi-platform demo extended for a week, Capcom announces in a tweet.


Starting this Saturday, players will be able to experience the final RE Village playthrough demo on all platforms. Capcom originally locked the sixty-minute demo within just a twenty-four-hour window, which didn’t sit well with the fans. That’s understandable, since clearing up enough time to play a new game takes up a lot of effort. Capcom hears the fans and has decided to extend the demo window by a whole week.

For North American fans, they can play the demo on PC, PlayStation, and Xbox from May 1, 5 PM to May 9, 5 PM PDT. UK fans can do the same starting May 2, 1 AM until May 10, 1 AM BST. Finally, everyone else in Europe can play from May 2, 2 AM to May 10, 2 AM CEST.

The Resident Evil Village demo features a portion of the titular village, as well as the neighboring castle. However, to avoid spoilers, the demos won’t feature any significant characters from the game. The whole demo last for only one full hour, which should be enough to serve as an appetizer for everyone still on the fence about the game.

Resident Evil Village remains one of the most anticipated new games of 2021. It follows the events of Resident Evil 7, which also featured protagonist Ethan Winters. He continues his search for his wife, Mia Winters, with whom he found and subsequently lost contact again in Resident Evil 7Resident Evil Village also features long-time character Chris Redfield, in a role that seems to be antagonistic towards Ethan.

Resident Evil Village releases on PC, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X, and Google Stadia on May 7, 2021. It also releases alongside its six-player online multiplayer game, RE:VERSE.