The Houston Rockets organization and fan base are both rightly excited after selecting Overtime Elite point guard Amen Thompson with the No. 4 pick in the 2023 NBA Draft.

One of the most exhilarating prospects in recent memory due to what could become a signature blend of breathtaking athleticism and cerebral playmaking at 6-foot-7, Thompson and Rockets shooting guard Jalen Green project to be one of the most explosive backcourts in the NBA. Of course, all of that is well-documented though, and draft enthusiasts have long visaged opponents catching the Holy Ghost when being baptized by Amen and Co.

However, Thompson's fit with the other players on the roster is also exciting, particularly with the Rockets having so many players that are better outside shooters than they displayed last season.

He knows that too, telling The Athletic's Kelly Iko, “I think I pair really well with all of those guys. I think we're a big lineup that can lock up on defense. I think getting Jabari [Smith Jr.] and Jalen [Green] easier, wide-open looks, their 3-point percentage is going to go up. They're going to be utilized in a better way. I think that's just what we need, and I need them too.”

Using his court vision, instincts, passing prowess and rim gravity, Amen can be the Rockets' core playmaker.

Even helping Smith, who the Rockets selected with the third overall pick in the 2022 NBA Draft. A stretch-four with elite defensive potential, Smith struggled offensively for most of his rookie season.

He ended 2022-23 shooting 30.7 percent from the deep, far below the 42.0 percent he shot from 3 at Auburn. Most of his attempts last season came with defenders at least four feet away too.

Nonetheless, continuing to get him clean looks is essential for his success.