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Chris Paul stands by claim that James Harden ‘might be the best offensive player’ ever


Chris Paul got a fitting victory over the Houston Rockets as he helped the Oklahoma City Thunder win over the the Texas based team. However, the point guard still believes that former teammate and Rockets superstar James Harden is the best scorer to ever grace the game.

After the Thunder won over the Rockets, 113-92, Paul was asked by the press about the impact of the game. Specifically, he was asked whether Harden is still the top finisher in his list after his disappointing performance against his team. He responded by saying that he still considers his former teammate to be the supreme finisher in the game.

ClutchFans tweeted his response to the questions, and his statement is still a show of support for the Beard.

“James (Harden), I said it before last year, might be the best offensive player to ever play. He’s tough with the stepback, getting to the free throw line. The guys that guarded him just tried to make it as tough as possible.”

For him to still believe in Harden being the best finisher in the league is proof of how revolutionary the Rockets guard has been in defining what a scorer is. He’s averaging an incredible 37.9 points, 6.0 rebounds, and 7.5 assists a night on 45% shooting.

Fans shouldn’t let his poor performance against Oklahoma City be evidence for him not being a superb scorer. In fact, scoring 17 points in spite of a horrible field goal percentage is still an impressive feat. He’ll definitely bounce back by the time Houston play their next game.