Ranking teams and players are sure fire ways to incite heated responses from fans, experts, and apparently, NBA general managers, too. Take for example Houston Rockets GM Daryl Morey who took to Twitter to call out both ESPN and Sports Illustrated, trivializing the two media giants’ respective top 100 rankings.

So what exactly triggered the math-loving sabremetrician to have this mild outburst? Sports Illustrated has yet to release its own top 100 as of this writing but got the ire of Morey nonetheless perhaps because the general manager believes it’s barely different from ESPN, which has now released the first part of its own list.

Morey may have seen the list from ESPN already, and if he did, he certainly was greeted by the name of his own player, Ryan Anderson, who was ranked 100th overall. Just a little bit ahead of Anderson is Rockets forward, Trevor Ariza, who’s at No. 95.

Armed with advanced formulas never used before him by other NBA teams, Morey has his own metrics of determining the true values of his own players. We’d like to assume that he didn’t like the way two of his Rockets ranked so low on the list, thus his reaction. Hopefully, for Morey, ESPN and Sports Illustrated’s ranking for James Harden would be in accordance to his liking.