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Former Thunder guard Alex Abrines sheds light on supportive Rockets guard Russell Westbrook


Alex Abrines might have decided to go back to his native Spain after a short stint in the NBA, but the former Oklahoma City Thunder has nothing but nice things to say about his former teammate Russell Westbrook, now of the Houston Rockets.

Abrines left the NBA citing his own mental health issues, a part of his career that Westbrook helped him navigate.

“He’s a very nice guy. He helped me a lot especially in the first year” Abrines said of Westbrook on Basket en Movistar. “In most of our trips we did something together, watch a movie, have dinner. When I went through all this and did not travel with the team, he kept in touch. He asked me to meet him for dinner. He cared for the person beyond the player. He calmly told me what I should do noting that he would support me if I decided to leave.”

Westbrook often paints a very aggressive and sometimes dismissive picture of himself in interviews with the media and his interactions on the court, but most of his teammates can’t stop giving grand endorsements of him as a player and as a member of their squad.

Abrines only lasted three seasons in Oklahoma City, usually playing spot minutes as a player that can stretch the floor with his shooting. Ultimately his illness forced him to join FC Barcelona and continue his career closer to his home, but it’s heart-warming he still considers Westbrook a true friend due to his undying support at a time of such great need.