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Rockets’ Jalen Green and Kevin Porter Jr. plan that will hype up fans

Houston Rockets, Jalen Green, Kevin Porter Jr.

As training camp will soon kick off for the Houston Rockets, head coach Stephen Silas is now formulating major plans for rookie Jalen Green and Kevin Porter Jr.

The Rockets are set to build their team around both Green and Porter, especially as they are currently on the lookout for a team willing to haul in veteran point guard John Wall. The five-time All-Star is set to report to training camp in the coming days, but for the moment, he is not expected to feature with the team this season.

As there are hefty expectations for Green and Porter to show promise in their first season together, Silas is already devising strategies that would help in exploiting their potential.

On Friday, the Rockets released their “Ready to Lead” documentary, which chronicled Silas’ numerous runs as an assistant coach in the NBA and also provided a behind-the-scenes look at his first season as Rockets head coach. Ahead of the documentary release, Silas answered multiple fan questions during a YouTube Q&A session, which included offering a preview of what to expect from Green and Porter this season.

“Jalen [Green] and Scoot [Kevin Porter Jr.] are going to play on and off the ball,” Silas said. “Both will be able to play fast and in space. C-Wood’s [Christian Wood] versatility allows them to play to their strengths.”

Much attention will be centered on how Silas will utilize the Rockets’ centers in off-ball situations. As he hinted, Christian Wood is slated to play a vital role in opening up the offense for both Green and Porter.

More so, free-agent signing and veteran center Daniel Theis may also contribute in this aspect of play as well. For one, he posted a formidable 1.17 points per possession mark in pick-and-roll (man) plays over the 2019-2020 season, which was his last full campaign with the Boston Celtics. He sure has what it takes to set screens across the floor in order to help create high percentage shots for the Rockets’ main backcourt duo.

The Rockets sure will be a team to watch this season.