On Saturday night, the Houston Rockets took on the Los Angeles Lakers and ultimately lost 107-97. However, all of the attention is on Ime Udoka and LeBron James. The two were seen conversing with one another and it led to Udoka being ejected from the game.

James received a technical foul, but was able to finish playing. But as soon as the ejection came, everyone wanted to know what was said between Ime Udoka and LeBron James. Well, we may finally know what was said.

Some leaked audio was shared on social media. It's easy to hear James, however, you have to do some lip reading for Udoka. So, it isn't fully clear what the Rockets' head coach actually said. But this leaked audio at least provides a hint into what may have been said.

“Udoka: ‘Stop crying like b******, man.'”

“LeBron: ‘We're all grown men, that b**** word ain't cool'”

Again, in the final part of that clip, it's not really clear what the Rockets‘ head coach said. It's a guess. At the end of the day though, whatever Ime Udoka said led to his ejection. Additionally, nobody has really said anything about what was said on the court on Saturday night. It's possible Udoka and James will let it go and move on.

The next time the Rockets play the Lakers will be on Jan. 29. No matter where each team is in the playoff race, this is one NBA fans will want to mark on the calendar.