A verbal spat between Lakers player LeBron James and Rockets coach Ime Udoka is going viral. Udoka was ejected from a Rockets-Lakers game Saturday after getting into a war of words with James.

The argument occurred during the fourth quarter with the Lakers narrowly leading the game. James was on the floor and Udoka was standing by the Rockets bench. Then Udoka was seen pointing at James and appearing deeply agitated.

The two exchanged what appeared to be heated language for a few moments. A referee had to step in and try to calm down the situation before throwing out Udoka and leading James away from the Rockets' bench. James was awarded a technical foul.

The Lakers ended up winning the game, 107-97. Anthony Davis led the team in the win with a double-double, finishing with 27 points and 14 rebounds. James finished with 16 points in 35 minutes of play.

It's possible the situation fired up the Lakers star, but he didn't go into much detail afterward. James joked about the situation after the game.

“Thanksgiving…..how much we enjoyed Thanksgiving,” James said, per Fox News.

Following the game, Udoka commented on the matter further after having to sit out the final eight minutes of the game following his ejection. The coach was a bit obscure in his comments.

“We had some conversation, and they didn't like what they heard,” Udoka said.

The Lakers are now 12-9 on the season. The team next plays Phoenix on Tuesday. Houston is 8-9 and next plays the surging Oklahoma City Thunder on Wednesday.

It will be interesting to see how the two interact with one another the next time the Lakers and Rockets meet on the floor. The two teams play each other again Jan. 29.