Houston Rockets fans probably wouldn't have predicted that Jalen Green's biggest rival this season has never played a single second in the NBA.

Bill Simmons and his three fateful words against the Rockets rookie have circulated around NBA Twitter, drawing the ire of several NBA stars, including Jalen Green himself.

After months of online buzz, the Rockets rookie appeared on the Bill Simmons podcast to finally squash the beef between the two sides. It was hardly incendiary as Simmons and Green engaged in a lengthy discussion of hoops, but they did talk about the instance that brought them two together in the first place.

Simmons asked Green how he took the news when he first heard it, specifically Bill swearing against Jalen Green's name as he picked Herb Jones over him on First Team All-Rookie. The Rockets star asserts that he never took it personally.

Jalen Green on Bill Simmons saying “Fuck Jalen Green” on one of his recent podcast episodes: “When I saw that, I’m like ‘Damn. I don’t know him. What’d I do to him? I don’t know where this is coming from. But everyone's going to talk. I'm used to seeing things like that, people talking in general, but I ain't never taking it too personal. I started making a joke out of it on Twitter. Laughed about it. It's all good,” said the Rockets star.

Jalen Green eventually got the last laugh, as he eventually made the All-Rookie First Team over Bill Simmons' pick in Herb Jones. But now it's definitely all in good fun.