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Rockets’ James Harden wanted to show ‘dope’ side of Russell Westbrook at JH-Town Weekend


Houston Rockets superstar James Harden recently hosted the third edition of his annual JH-Town Weekend charity event in Houston. One of the many highlights of the memorable weekend centered around new Rockets recruit Russell Westbrook, and how Harden seemed to have gone out of his way to give his old buddy a warm welcome.

Speaking to ESPN’s Mark Berman, Harden explained that it was indeed his objective to remind the world about what type of guy Westbrook is off the basketball court.

“It was good for him,” Harden said. “I wanted to bring his personality out a little bit..Everybody sees Russ as the angry guy on the court, the guy who plays his heart out, but off the court he’s dope.I wanted everybody to see that”

It’s great to see these two stars chumming it up this offseason, and for the sake of the Rockets, let’s all hope that this chemistry translates to the court. Their recent pairing has raised more questions than answers, with many wondering how these two ball-heavy guards will be able to co-exist in the same backcourt.

Nonetheless, it does appear that Harden and Westbrook have figured things out off the court, and perhaps the friendship they built as youngsters during their time together as teammates in the Oklahoma City Thunder had a lot to do with this.

It’s not going to be an easy road ahead for these two gentlemen, but judging by how they seem to get along so well, signs are definitely pointing in the right direction for this new dynamic duo.