The Houston Rockets haven't been able to rack up any wins so far through their first two games of the season. With all the drama that's surrounded the organization, it's been difficult to measure out any small glimpses of success or the team's true potential for the year.

Guard John Wall has been taking in all the ongoing depravity with the Rockets constantly being the topic of conversations and headlines. The five-time All-Star has been on quarantine after a COVID-19 protocol was breached last week involving him and a few teammates.

While he understands the sensitivity of the situation, Wall made sure to voice his displeasure in the whole ordeal on Wednesday:

Wall was one of the few players along with DeMarcus Cousins that was forced into quarantine following a contact tracing protocol centered around the health policies of COVID-19. A few Rockets players had decided to get haircuts away from the facility at Wall's apartment, which breached the protocols in place and issued a quarantine period.

The frenzy it caused lead to the Rockets missing their season opener against the Oklahoma City Thunder, which was postponed to a later date. Kenyon Martin Jr. was one of the players that was present Wall's apartment and eventually tested positive for the virus, while Cousins and Wall were cleared.

While this has been a trying time for Wall during his first season with the Rockets, its expected to come to an end soon. He's expected to suit up on Thursday against the Sacramento Kings, which should help deliver Houston it's first win of the season.