More details are emerging as part of an investigation into an assault on Houston Rockets wing Sterling Brown at a strip club in Miami.

Brown suffered gruesome facial lacerations and other lacerations “throughout his body” as the result of an altercation at the Booby Trap. But his injuries might have been worse if not for Rockets newcomer Kevin Porter Jr.

Kelly Iko and Shams Charania of The Athletic report Porter interceded during the incident and prevented the assailants from inflicting further damage on Brown. The Athletic even says Brown might have died had the situation escalated further:

“If he hadn’t been as physically strong and tough, he might not have made it out of the situation (Sunday) night,” one source told The Athletic. “He could have died.”

Porter was “roughed up a bit” by the group that assaulted Brown, though he still took the floor Monday against the Heat.

The incident reportedly began after Brown accidentally entered the wrong sprinter van after exiting the club. He was jumped by a group described as “three or more individuals” and was hit over the head with a bottle.

Police received an anonymous tip and arrived on the scene, though according to the police report — obtained by The Athletic — Brown refused to divulge details and merely wanted to be taken to the hospital.

Local law enforcement and Brown's team at Priority Sports are hoping to work together to investigate the incident.

Brown is reportedly still dealing with physical issues, as one might expect. But Porter apparently played a vital role in putting a stop to the assault.