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Rockets news: Montrezl Harrell calls out Ronnie2K for his incorrect jersey number wrong in rating reveal

Over the past couple of weeks, Ronnie2K and his team of developers of the video game NBA 2K18, have been releasing the ratings for a lot of players ahead of its launch next month. It has drawn mixed reactions from them, as some agree with what they were given, while others feel that they have been short changed, and deserves a higher one.

On Monday, it was Houston Rockets big man Montrezl Harrell’s turn to receive his rating. While he made a shoutout to Ronnie2K for it, he also called him out at the same time for a mistake they made on his jersey number.

To be fair with the developers, it’s the first time for the 2K18 team to have this kind of error. It could also be that they were confused with what his real jersey number was, as he had the number 24 across his chest during his days with Louisville. However, now with the Rockets, he has been wearing number 5 since.

The good news for Ronnie2K and company is that it’s something they can easily correct and that Harrell did not take offense with it. It could also serve as a reminder to them to be extra careful before unveiling more ratings in the future to avoid this from happening again.