Rockets news: Russell Westbrook passes Magic Johnson for 2nd-most triple-doubles in NBA history
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Rockets star Russell Westbrook passes Magic Johnson for 2nd-most triple-doubles in NBA history

Rockets, Russell Westbrook, Magic Johnson

Russell Westbrook finally corrected the blemish to their start of the season. He and James Harden led the Houston Rockets to victory against the New Orleans Pelicans in what surprisingly was a closely fought contest.

However, the win isn’t the only thing that Rockets fans will be celebrating about. Their new point guard achieved another landmark in his career after finishing with a very impressive stat line to top the night.

The achievement is a testament to the Brodie’s ability to be impactful wherever he goes. Sure, Houston colors still looks weird on him, but the way he’s playing on the court is something every NBA fan is familiar with. Rockets fans are more than happy that they have another superb athlete that complements James Harden on either end of the ball.

Thanks to Westbrook’s floor generalship, Harden could focus on making his shots. He finished with a decent stat line himself (29 points, four rebounds, five assists). The rest of the starting lineup also benefitted from Westbrook’s presence. No one on the starting lineup finished with less than double digits.

Everyone in the league knows that Russell Westbrook is a triple-double machine. He’s the second-ever NBA player to finish a season with a triple-double. Any worries that he wouldn’t be able to play his game with Harden playing beside him is now thrown out of the window. The two can definitely coexist and thrive.

However, basketball is a team effort. The rest of the roster must keep up with their dynamic duo and contribute if Houston wants to have any shot at winning the West.