Rockets news: Sixers' Josh Richardson thinks James Harden 'might be the best offensive player ever'
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Sixers’ Josh Richardson thinks James Harden ‘might be the best offensive player ever’

Josh Richardson, James Harden

Philadelphia 76ers guard Josh Richardson believes that James Harden “might be the best offensive player ever” after getting a chance to guard him this past week.

James Harden is arguably having the best season of his career, he’s averaging a whopping 38.4 points per game. It’s clear to say that we haven’t seen this type of scoring in quite awhile. Last season, Harden went on a historic run of consecutive games with at least 30 points. He went 32 games of scoring 30 points which was the second-longest streak in NBA history.

Many believed Harden’s field goal attempts would go down after acquiring Russell Westbrook in the offseason. However, he’s still shooting the same amount of shots as last season with 24 shots per game. A few months ago, Harden broke the NBA record of the least amount of shots taken when scoring 60 points.

Its no doubt that Harden is one of the best offensive players of this era. He’s been the scoring champ the past two seasons and is seeking to make it three this season.

Richardson had the chance to guard Harden this past week when Philadelphia played the Houston Rockets. Harden scored a game-high 44 points and earned his first triple-double of the season. Philadelphia won’t play Houston again until later this season in March.