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Skip Bayless, Shannon Sharpe put Rockets’ James Harden on blast for folding in playoffs

Skip Bayless, Shannon Sharpe, James Harden, Rockets

Houston Rockets star James Harden already had a reputation for not playing his best in the playoffs, and he didn’t exactly do himself any favors this year after a second-round exit to the Golden State Warriors.

Naturally, Harden is now the subject of much criticism, and both Skip Bayless and Shannon Sharpe of Fox Sports ripped the reigning MVP a new one for his performance in his most recent postseason series.

“I blame James Harden. He’s just not that guy; he’s made for the regular season,” said Bayless. “When push comes to shove, he just starts to fade and ultimately disappears. He had four turnovers in the fourth quarter.”

Sharpe doubled down on Bayless’ criticism, knocking Harden for missing free throws.

“James Harden is an 88 percent free-throw shooter. He missed five for the game; he shot 58 percent,” said Sharpe. “You tell me he doesn’t feel the pressure. … That’s the third time in three years that James Harden has lost a Game 6 on his home court.”

Sharpe is referring to Harden being eliminated by the San Antonio Spurs in a brutal Game 6 performance at the Toyota Center two years ago. However, he misspoke on saying that this was the third time in three years that he has lost a Game 6 at home, because last year, Harden lost Game 6 at Oracle Arena before losing Game 7 at home.

Regardless, Sharpe’s point still stands, as Harden’s lack of playoff success is certainly a black eye on his career.

Harden did score 35 points off a respectable 11-of-25 clip with six threes in Game 6 on Friday night, but his turnovers and missed free throws were certainly big factors in the loss.