The Houston Rockets are expected to move their fourth All-Star guard from the last three seasons as a John Wall trade seems imminent.

But apparently that wasn't seen as the case just a couple of months ago. According to a report from The Athletic, John Wall served as the veteran voice that the Rockets desperately needed last season. He had served as a pseudo assistant coach for Stephen Silas as they traversed a year filled with lopsided losses and a handful of injuries. He was expected to continue that role next season.

With the quick ascension of prized rookie Jalen Green, the plans drastically shifted. Having Wall around to mentor the youngster is one thing, but to have him running the offense like he's used to doing is a different matter.

Via Kelly Iko of The Athletic:

Wall still wants to play a considerable amount of minutes; could he realistically do that in Houston? On paper, the Rockets could field a lineup featuring Wall, Green and Porter, but that might not be conducive to development or the future. It would be essentially fitting a round peg in a square hole.

Green excelled in Vegas during NBA Summer League and clearly needs the ball in his hands moving forward. The same can be said of Porter. With Wall on the team and expecting a commanding share of the ball, the planning gets tricky.

Pondering the logistics of it all, it makes more sense for both sides to go their separate ways sooner rather than later.

John Wall is no longer the franchise pillar he once was for the Washington Wizards, but he still has some left in the tank to contribute on a contender. The Rockets definitely want to part ways with him on good terms after a commendable year for them last season.