Since Hurricane Harvey hit the Houston area hard over this past weekend, there has been a huge concerted effort by many of the professional sports teams located in the city to help the rebuilding process.

According to Houston Mayor Sylvester Turner, the Houston Rockets have opened up the Toyota Center as a shelter for those affected by the flood.

This is another major move by those in the area to help alleviate the stress and chaos of the entire situation that has many displaced from their homes that have either been destroyed or damaged by Hurricane Harvey. The use of the Toyota Center is a great resource given its size and space inside the arena to hold potentially thousands of people as everything continues to get sorted out.

There has been a huge outpouring of support in many different fashions for those affected by this natural disaster. It has seen a major push around the sports world to organize fundraisers for the relief effort with numerous athletes and organizations making financial contributions to help out the rebuilding process.

The tremendous amount of aid given to Houston and the nearby areas by the various many across the United States from beyond public figures to the general public should play a huge part in helping those impacted by the disastrous situation recover in a much more smooth manner.