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Houston thinks Dwight Howard situation was way worse than any James Harden-Chris Paul tension now

Dwight Howard, James Harden, Chris Paul

It’s no secret that Houston Rockets superstars James Harden and Chris Paul have had their fair share of disagreements during their time together as one of the most dynamic backcourt duos the league has ever seen. This tension was put further in the limelight thanks to another season that ended in disappointment.

However, as reported by Kelly Iko of The Athletic, the Rockets do not seem to be overly concerned with the situation. As a matter of fact, a source within the team even claims that this is actually a non-issue compared to how problematic the situation was when Dwight Howard was still around.

For what it’s worth, Houston doesn’t see this as a real problem. One source harkened back to the Dwight Howard days, for a real broken and dysfunctional relationship. “There will always be tension when you’re trying to get shit right,” cited one team source. “Every aspect of basketball gets debated at some point, and the way we lost sucked.

“We’ve had players (in the past) who didn’t care about anything other than themselves and wanted everyone else to shore them up. We don’t see (Harden/Paul tension) as a big deal.”

This is, I guess, good news for Rockets fans. The problems between Harden and Paul are obviously there, but it does not appear to be anything more than two overly-competitive teammates exuding their incessant desire to win.

It also puts into perspective how terrible Howard’s situation with the team was, and it’s hard not to think that the veteran big man is the one this anonymous source was pertaining to when he said, someone “who didn’t care about anything other than themselves.”