James Harden may possibly be on the move soon given that both he and Russell Westbrook's growing uncertainty in the Houston Rockets' future path to a championship. It was also reported by Kendrick Perkins that Harden has since “ghosted” the Rockets in recent time, which could signal that he's well prepared for his time in Houston to be over.

Now, Harden has made evidently made his wishlist known to his close affiliates, with the Miami Heat, Brooklyn Nets and the Philadelphia 76ers all being teams he wouldn't mind being shipped to in the event that he's traded, per Ethan J. Skolnick of Five Reasons Sports Network.

It comes as no surprise that Harden has chosen three likely contenders as his next destinations if he's forced to move on.

With the Nets, Harden would be paired with his former teammate Kevin Durant along with six-time All-Star Kyrie Irving, which could create a deadly force in the East built for immediate contention.

The Sixers are trying once more to attempt a turn a postseason success after hiring Doc Rivers as the new head coach. Adding Harden to that roster would take a bit of moving, but could add a tremendous amount of scoring. The Heat meanwhile are on the search for a offseason splash, and Harden could fit that bill immediately.

Houston was unsuccessful in advancing far in the postseason, even after trading for Harden's longtime friend in Westbrook, which could appear to be the end of a run for the Harden era in Houston. If so, Houston could look to regain some assets in any said trade for Harden.