The Houston Rockets are hyped for a measuring stick game against the struggling Cleveland Cavaliers, and in anticipation of tonight's TNT showdown, the team posted a Twitter promotional video that encompasses everything both teams have been about this season.

The ad features a prime scoring James Harden, cooking opponents just as well as the ingredients added into the skillet, sizzling with every step-back, scoop, and finish around the basket. Scenes are intercut with LeBron James, who popularly posted an Instagram photo from the cartoon show Arthur, clenching his fist.

The hilarity on this ad is pure genius, showing not only how the Rockets have gotten to a Western Conference-best 8-3 mark — riding James Harden's hot performances one after another in light of the absence of offseason acquisition Chris Paul.

The Cavs on the other hand, have struggled — suffering five losses in their last seven games, including four in a row after many changes of the starting rotation from the start of the season, developing a lack of continuity and an overall miscommunication on all ends of the floor.

The Rockets Twitter account strikes again by poking fun at James' Instagram post, giving that much more reason for fans to tune in for tonight's inter-conference matchup.