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Video: Rockets’ Chris Paul embarrasses Nikola Jokic with fancy dribbling

chris paul, nikola jokic

Chris Paul of the Houston Rockets just sent Nikola Jokic of the Denver Nuggets in circles after a spate of dribbling moves.

Check out the clip below as posted by NBA TV:

Chris Paul ended up in an isolation against Jokic. Paul took advantage of the mismatch by unleashing a series of dribble moves before rising up for a fadeaway jumper. Even the crowd in Denver were in awe of the Rockets star’s showcase.

Even at 33 years old, Paul is still at the top of his game. Though he may not be as quick as he once was, the veteran guard has managed to cope with the game’s changing ways.

Back when he was starting off, it was rare to see players like Jokic — tall and mobile big men who can easily match up with guards like him. But as observed in the clip, Chris Paul knew exactly what type of move to use so as to free himself for a jump shot.

Apart from his individual game, Paul has found a way to coexist with fellow Rockets superstar James Harden. Though he’s played the point guard spot most of his career, he gladly moved up the two spot and allowed Harden to run the offense at times. His assist numbers may have gone down but he has found other ways to contribute to the team.