The New England Patriots offense was a complete mess in 2022, and unsurprisingly, changes are going to be coming for the unit. In an unprecedented press release earlier this offseason, it was announced that the Patriots would be moving on from Matt Patricia as their offensive play caller, and that they would begin to search for a true offensive coordinator immediately.

Despite the fact that Patricia was horrible in his new role with the Patriots, many fans expected him to stick around in New England in a new role given his ties to the Pats and Bill Belichick. But it sounds like that may not be the case, and the rumored reason is because the Detroit Lions don't have to pay Patricia money from his previous head coaching role with them. In that case, New England would have to pay Patricia, which may not be something the team wants to do after the 2022 season.

Patricia was so bad at his job last season that this isn't necessarily the biggest surprise in the world. Patricia is more of a defensive ace, and while he obviously oversaw the Lions offense during his time as their head coach, that doesn't mean that he did a good job managing it. Whatever the reason may be, giving Patricia the offensive play sheet in 2022 was a shortsighted move by Belichick and the Patriots.

Patricia's defensive expertise could have helped him find a new role with the Patriots, but now that they may have to pay his salary, there's a decent chance he could be headed out the exit door. Many Pats fans likely won't care what happens to Patricia after his failed stint as the team's offensive play caller, but this situation could be worth watching over the next couple of weeks.