Russell Westbrook is one of the most entertaining players in today's NBA, although he has also become a polarizing figure in basketball. Known for being one of the most purely athletic playmakers and high-rising dunkers among active players, Westbrook has also built himself a very nice financial portfolio. In this article, we will take a look at Russell Westbrook's net worth in 2021.

Russell Westbrook's net worth in 2021: $170 million

Russell Westbrook's net worth in 2021, Russell Westbrook

According to Wealthy Gorilla, Russell Westbrook's net worth in 2021 is $170 million. That number is very impressive and it shows just how successful he has been throughout his career.

Prior to the last few years, in which he's somehow been moved a bit, Westbrook had played his entire career with the Oklahoma City Thunder. He spent 11 successful years with the Thunder organization and led them to quite a bit of success. While they were never able to reach the promised land and win an NBA championship, they gave their fans deep playoff runs and an exciting brand of basketball.

Then, in one weird yet magical offseason, the Thunder made the decision to move Westbrook to the Houston Rockets in a deal that brought in young assets and picks. The move came after their surprising decision to trade Paul George to the Los Angeles Clippers.

It was the end of an era in Oklahoma City. Westbrook was part of their dynamic “Big Three” that also included Kevin Durant and James Harden. That the trio of stars never won a title together is a shame.

During his time with the Thunder, Westbrook routinely put up impressive numbers. He even averaged a tripe-double in three straight seasons with Oklahoma City in 2016-17, 2017-18 and 2018-19. So far with the Rockets, Westbrook's production has gone down a bit, but he is still one of the elite superstars in the NBA.

Not yet an old man, yet somehow a dude people discredit despite averaging a triple-double for about five years, Westbrook still has some time left in his prime. His net worth should continue to rise in coming years.

Throughout his career, Westbrook has built quite a brand for himself. He has become one of the most iconic players in the NBA today. His jersey was the No. 13 most-bought jersey in the league back in January of 2020, showing just how many fans want to rep his name.

Westbrook is building a strong legacy, even if he isn't going to finish his career with the same team that drafted him.

Nonetheless, were you at all stunned by Russell Westbrook's net worth in 2021?