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Saints QB Drew Brees says he will pass the torch to Zion Williamson in New Orleans

Drew Brees, Zion Williamson, Saints, Pelicans

For a over a decade, Drew Brees has been the face of New Orleans. He doesn’t appear to mind if that changes.

The New Orleans Pelicans gave a jolt to the city last week when they drafted Zion Williamson with the first overall pick in the NBA draft.

Williamson’s selection comes on the heels of months of change within the organization and a trade agreement to send Anthony Davis, the longtime face of the franchise, to the Los Angeles Lakers.

And a number of New Orleans Saints players, many of them big fans of the city’s NBA team, helped ring in the new era of basketball in New Orleans. But some reacted more quietly than others: among them, Saints quarterback Drew Brees.

Brees sent one of his jerseys, signed and framed, to Williamson as a welcoming gift.

Per Andrew Lopez of The Times-Picayune, Brees included a personal message when he signed the jersey, writing, “To Zion – Passing the torch to you! Who Dat!”

Williamson has a long way to go before he’s accomplished as much in New Orleans as Brees, but Brees knows his time in New Orleans is winding down, while Williamson is just beginning what many expect to be a Hall of Fame career.

Maybe we’re reading a little too deeply into it. Either way, it’s always great to see the the older generation of stars embracing the young up-and-comers to the professional scene. This gift to Williamson, however small, might suggest that the importance of that to Brees, too.

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