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Saints’ Drew Brees sends a message to Lamar Jackson ahead of Pro Bowl

Drew Brees, Lamar Jackson, Saints

New Orleans Saints quarterback Drew Brees is set to headline the NFC at this year’s Pro Bowl in Orlando. Unfortunately, it appears there are those in his camp that will be rooting for the opposition that features Baltimore Ravens quarterback Lamar Jackson leading the AFC.

Brees took to Instagram to ask a favor from Jackson on behalf of his son:

Although Brees may be the most decorated passer in NFL history, it was not enough to keep his son from getting caught up in the hype surrounding Jackson. After all, he is coming off one of the most historic seasons bye a quarterback and it is clear that he electrifying style of play has resonated well with the young generation of football fans, no matter who their parents may be.

Brees should have ample opportunities to get his family well-acquainted with Jackson along with the bevy of other household names like himself that will be participating. While they may be on opposing sidelines, the festivities offer up plenty of down time for the players to enjoy the perks of being named a Pro Bowler.

There is no question that the Saints and Ravens fell vastly short of expectations in the 2019 NFL season. Both had managed to put together stellar outings in the regular season before they each lost in the divisional round of the playoffs. Fortunately, it seems Brees and his family were able to avoid an interesting conundrum had the stars aligned and they met Jackson in the Super Bowl.