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Drew Brees: 3 questions for the Saints QB entering the offseason

New Orleans Saints quarterback Drew Brees had another strong season even though he missed part of the season due to a thumb injury. As impressive as he was during the regular season, he struggled when it mattered most during the playoffs.

Given the Saints’ shortcomings in the playoffs, there are some questions surrounding the future Hall of Famer as he heads into the offseason.

3. Would he be fine with a reduced role?

Drew Brees, Taysom Hill, Saints

The man of many talents, Taysom Hill, is set to be a free agent this offseason. If he does come back to the Saints, would Brees be okay with him having a bigger role? Some of the biggest plays for the offense against the Vikings were with Hill under center.

Maybe the Saints want to start giving him more snaps at quarterback? Is that something Brees would be okay with, or will he make the Saints make a choice and try to force Hill right out of town?

2. Does Brees want to continue playing?

Drew Brees, Saints

After the Saints’ loss in the Wild Card round, Drew Brees wasn’t too interested in talking about his future in the league. He said he is going to re-evaluate his playing future during the offseason and then go from there.

“I’m not making any comments on that other than as I’ve told you guys the last couple of years, I always take it one year at a time. I kind of re-evaluate each offseason, find the things I want to get better at and move along.”

It seems all signs point towards him returning for at least one more year, but he could also shock a lot more people by hanging up the cleats.

1. How much arm strength is he going to lose?

Drew Brees, Saints

Drew Brees is clearly still a good NFL quarterback, but it’s clear he doesn’t have the arm strength that he once had. He is 40 years old and by the team, the season kicks off next season he will be 41.

During the Saints’ loss to the Minnesota Vikings in the Wild Card round, Brees’ lack of arm strength was on full display and it even resulted in a crucial interception.

Brees severely under-threw a few passes but the worst was late in the second quarter that was picked off by Anthony Harris. A big part of his game is the deep throw, and if his arm strength continues to diminish, he is going to be in some trouble.