Saints news: Drew Brees speaks out on facing the Falcons on Thanksgiving
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Drew Brees speaks out on facing the Falcons on Thanksgiving

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One of America’s best and favorite pastimes is upon us, football on Thanksgiving! Like every other kid, watching football on Thanksgiving while everyone waits patiently for the turkey that was supposed to be done 30 minutes ago is a tradition.

For the players that actually compete in these games, the feeling is no different. Drew Brees has been in this league for a long time, but the 19 year NFL veteran still gets nostalgic when he gets the opportunity to play on Thanksgiving.

“There’s something about playing on thanksgiving. I remember when I was a kid, growing up in Texas I’d always be watching the Cowboys on Thanksgiving, watching football. Football just goes with Thanksgiving, right? You can’t have one without the other… And so to ever think that some day I’d be playing on Thanksgiving, I never thought that would happen. These are unique moments.”

Being apart of the fabric that makes football so special and meaningful to people in this country is a big honor for many of these players, with the ultimate goal of being able to sit next to Michele Tafoya and dig into a turkey leg in the middle of the field.

The NFL is in for a full slate of games this Thursday as Brees’ New Orleans Saints will take on the Atlanta Falcons in the day’s final game. New Orleans will look to make a statement win against the team that defeated them just a few weeks ago.

The holidays mean that postseason football is just around the corner as the Saints will be looking to tune their game in order to get ready for late December football.