Sam Howell is the quarterback for the Washington Commanders. The young NFLer is currently in his first year as a starter. The Commanders selected him in the fifth round in the 2022 NFL Draft, and Howell has built a net worth of $2 million.

Howell was a standout quarterback at the University of North Carolina, winning ACC Rookie of the Year in 2019. While his play on the field has been consistent, his personal life hasn't been in the public light too often. However, he is currently dating a woman who is also well-known in the public light. Howell is currently dating Chloe Barbu.

Who is Sam Howell's girlfriend Chloe Barbu?

Sam Howell's girlfriend, Chloe Barbu, Sam Howell Chloe Barbu

Sam Howell and Chloe Barbu first made their relationship public after the 2022 NFL Draft when Howell posted a tribute to her on his Instagram. With the post, Howell confirmed that Barbu had been dating him during his college career. Since the couple has made their relationship known, let's look at Chloe Barbu outside of her relationship with Sam Howell.

Chloe Barbu's background

Barbu was born on March 7, 2001, in Charlotte, N.C. Her sister, Natalie Barbu, is a YouTube beauty and makeup vlogger with 303,000 subscribers.

Chloe Barbu was a volleyball player in high school, playing on four different teams. She earned a second-place finish in the beach volleyball state championship in her junior year. She attended the North Carolina, pursuing a bachelor's degree in business administration. Barbu is slated to graduate this year.

She has been a well-known YouTube vlogger since 2018, tallying over 17,000 subscribers. She posts videos about her daily life and fashion and also features Howell in some videos. Barbu is also an assistant project manager with her family business, Stylecraft Homes. She is not an interior designer but likes to stay involved in the family's business.

Sam Howell, Chloe Barbu's relationship


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The couple both announced their relationship in May 2022, when the couple both made posts on their Instagram. Howell made a post contributing his success to the support from individuals in his life, Barbu included. Barbu also posted, “It’s been an honor to watch you trust in the Lord and glorify Him while chasing your dreams. Here’s to your next chapter as a Commander!”

Howell became a regular occurrence on Barbu's Instagram after that, as she posted pictures of them on a trip to Cancun. She also did a vlog where she surprised him on his birthday in Washington. The couple had been in a long-distance relationship while she finished her studies in North Carolina.

Chloe Barbu's vlogging success

Barbu has over 17,000 subscribers on YouTube, but some of her posts have received over 1 million views. She has been promoting several big-name brands which has propelled her into being a successful social media influencer. Her Instagram also has over 6,000 followers.

It is unclear whether she will pursue a career as an influencer after she is done studying for her business degree. Due to their serious relationship, she will likely move to Washington to be with Howell.

Howell's new role as a starting quarterback will set Barbu up to pursue the influencer route without being worried about income or job security as Howell is likely to receive lucrative contracts if he can hold on to the starting job. Barbu has a path to influencer success, as her sister has a highly successful YouTube channel.

It seems that Howell and Barbu share endless love for each other as their roots go back to North Carolina. The couple hopes to have a long life together and continued success in their respective fields.

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