Following his team's 24-22 loss to the Dallas Cowboys in the Wild Card round, Seattle Seahawks wide receiver, Doug Baldwin, admitted he was “sad, confused, frustrated,” over the loss, but he quickly pivoted to talking about the team's future.

“Look out,” Baldwin said per Mike Florio of Pro Football Talk. “This team, we have everything we need. You have all the pieces. You have all the right mindsets, personalities, everything. It’s just we’re a young team. With the time comes progression, comes growth, comes learning. This team will be better.”

Seattle started the season with an 0-2 record before putting things together and going on a 10-4 run to close out the season and win the fifth seed in the NFC. Baldwin caught three passes for 32 yards in the loss. 22 of his yards came on a fourth down reception on the Seahawk's first touchdown drive of the day, thanks to a spectacular toe-tap along the sideline.

Despite the difficult loss, Baldwin believes the team will return stronger next season. “I think the best thing we will do from this point on moving forward is that we will take these lessons and learn from them and grow and be better, not only as football players, but as men,” he said. “That is vastly more important. Yes, it’s sad the way it ended, but this is not the end of the world. There are some phenomenal individuals in this locker room; phenomenal football players. . . . The future is bright.”

Baldwin turned 30 this past September and has two years remaining on his contract with Seattle. “I said a lot of things,” he said regarding his message to the team in the locker room. “The sentiment of the message was cherish these moments. Learn from it. Don’t let the loss be in vain