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Seahawks QB Russell Wilson helped convince Cardinals’ Kyler Murray to pick NFL or MLB

Kyler Murray, Russell Wilson, Seahawks, Cardinals

Although Arizona Cardinals quarterback Kyler Murray is still trying to find his footing, he has managed to show plenty of promise as a franchise player early on. It seems fans have Seattle Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson to thank for helping secure their future under center.

Murray took some time to ponder whether he would continue his professional career in the NFL or MLB after winning the Heisman Trophy at Oklahoma. According to Andy Patton of the Seahawks Wire, hearing Wilson’s reasoning for picking football helped clarify his decision.

“He just wanted to connect and ask about the draft and about the process, and why I chose football and everything else,” Wilson said about a conversation he had with Murray before the draft. “I told him, you’ve got to write out your pros and cons, really what your vision is and what you want to do in life. Have the ability to say that no matter what I choose, it’s going to work out for the good. I think he made a great decision. His ability to play the game of football is spectacular. [I] get to play against him for many years.”

Although facing a promising talent like Murray in the same division for years to come is not ideal for Wilson, it is clear he could not help but try to help the rookie out in whatever way he could. He was also faced with a similar decision after being selected in the fourth round of the 2010 MLB draft by the Colorado Rockies. Fortunately, it is safe to say that he ultimately made the right choice.

Murray had been taken with the ninth overall pick by the Oakland A’s. The signing came with $14 million in guaranteed money. However, it seems the prospect of going No. 1 overall to the Cardinals was too good of an opportunity to pass up.

There are no denying all the uncanny similarities between these two quarterbacks. Aside from the baseball background, both are considered undersized for their position but can make up for it with their ability to make plays with their arm and legs.