Seahawks news: Seattle wants to get Chris Carson more involved in the passing game
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Seahawks want to get Chris Carson more involved in the passing game

Chris Carson, Seahawks

The Seattle Seahawks and Chris Carson had an undeniably successful season last year, winning 10 games and making the playoffs. Still, the season ended with an air of disappointment around the team.

They got bounced in the first round of the playoffs, and offensive coordinator Brian Schottenheimer took a lot of heat for running the ball too much. Chris Carson had a breakout season running the ball, but Seattle’s passing game felt stale and not modern enough.

Schottenheimer is considering what he can do to adjust. He said recently that getting Carson more involved through the air is a priority, according to Brady Henderson of

“We need to get him more involved in the passing game. He’s got unbelievable hands and he’s a problem for people coming out of the backfield,” he said.

Carson rushed for 1,151 yards in 14 games last year, but he caught only 20 total passes. Carson himself said Schottenheimer is experimenting a lot more with the group.

“He’s doing a lot with the running backs. He’s splitting them out wide, putting them in different spots around the field. He’s using us more for pass catching than what he did in the previous years. It’s fun for us,” Carson explained.

Getting running backs the ball in the passing game is a trend that’s been taking off across the league, and the most valuable running backs are all dynamic receiving threats.

If Carson wants to be regarded as one of the league’s top runners, he’ll need to catch more passes from Russell Wilson. Fortunately, it sounds like Schottenheimer is trying hard to update his offense and make it less archaic.