The Secretlab Fortnite Collection is here, including the Fortnite Secretlab Gaming Chair Battle Bus Edition and Lumbar Pillows Collection.

Get the best seat in the Battle Bus with the special edition Secretlab TITAN Evo 2022 Fortnite Battle Bus Edition, which comes with a Chipset Wrap code for bonus virtual item for Fortnite for every purchase. The Secretlab Fortnite Collection also includes three Secretlab Memory Foam lumbar pillows featuring Cuddle Team Leader, Peely, and Llama.

Inspired by the bright and quirky world of Fortnite that has won over the hearts of many gamers around the world, the Secretlab TITAN Evo 2022 Fortnite Battle Bus Edition features an exclusive illustration of Fortnite’s iconic Battle Bus embroidered on its backrest. Upholstered with the stylish, comfortable, and high-quality Secretlab NEO Hybrid Leatherette and dotted with intricate embroidery that makes a pop art effect, players will appreciate the gaming chair’s unique design that matches the color of The Storm in Fortnite.

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Completing the set is the trio of Secertlab Memory Foam Lumbar Pillows Fortnite Collection whose designs are inspired by Cuddle Team Leader, Llama, and Peely. Each one is wrapped in soft-touch velour and filled with dense, premium memory foam that fits naturally on the arch of your back, making them the perfect back-up for your Victory Royale aspirations.

The Secretlab TITAN Evo 2022 Fortnite Battle Bus Edition is available in sizes Small, Regular, and XL. Players will be able to rely on Secretlab’s ergonomic comfort regardless of the size they choose.

Fortnite truly is a pop culture phenomenon. No other game would matter so much in the gaming landscape that it attracts rival IPs, including DC and MARVEL both being involved in the game. Most recently, Goku and the rest of the Earth’s Fighters stormed Fortnite with Kamehamehas alongside the Dark Lord of the Sith Darth Vader.