San Jose Sharks star Evander Kane is in some hot water after his wife, Anna, claimed that he has gambled on his own games in the past and has even thrown games in order to win money. The NHL is investigating these claims, which were recently made in an Instagram story.

Kane is now defending himself, taking to Twitter with multiple statements to deny the allegations:

Kane's wife also “accused her husband of spending lavishly partying in Europe while asking her to sell her wedding ring to survive and wrote about not being able to afford baby formula for their child,” per ESPN. Anna is currently pregnant with their second child, but they appear to be in the midst of a divorce, with Evander allegedly asking her to move out.

This is an ugly situation, and there's clearly some bad blood here. Kane does have a gambling history, with a Las Vegas casino suing him for $500,000 for an unpaid gambling debt racked up in 2019. He also filed for Chapter 7 bankruptcy in California earlier this year after racking up nearly $27 million in debt.

Back in 2014, Kane was accused by a man of assault in Vancouver and later sued for financial damages. Then in 2016, Kane was accused of assault by a 21-year-old woman, and later that year he got into some trouble at a Buffalo bar.

Evander Kane is in the midst of a seven-year, $49 million deal he signed with the Sharks in 2018. While a good player throughout his career, he has also led the NHL in penalty minutes on multiple occasions, been suspended several times and has had incidents with teammates, in addition to all his legal troubles.

The two sides are digging in on this one, and the NHL will investigate these claims in an attempt to determine the veracity of them.