Collei is a hard-working yet novice ranger, though some players have already seen her potential as a strong reaction-based sub-DPS. Her numbers are decent, and she has really good artifact and weapon options. But since there’s only going to be three Dendro characters (Tighnari, Collei, Traveler) when version 3.0 arrives, some players are still unsure if she’s worth pulling using the banner’s rate up.

In this article, we will be discussing Collei’s strengths, weaknesses, and her value as a brand new 4-star character.

Collei Guide: Why You Should Pull For Collei

Collei’s damage numbers might be very mediocre, but there’s a lot more behind the raw numbers. Her skill acts like a boomerang, which can hit the enemy again on the way back. Give her a Sacrificial Bow, and her Skill multiplier is effectively quadrupled, which is actually amazing when her cooldowns are considered. Her Elemental Burst’s doll also bounces very frequently, which adds up to high numbers even if the multiplier is quite low.

Overall, Collei seems like the Dendro version of Xiangling, who was also considered a weak character at the start of the game, until people knew how to use her Pyronado properly. 

Here are more reasons why you should try to pull for Collei:

  1. You like Collei’s design and/or gameplay.
  2. You like a simple yet smooth play style that can fit on many teams.
  3. You want to collect Dendro characters while they’re still scarce.
  4. Collei’s 4th Constellation provides 60 team-wide EM, which you want to have.
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Why You Should Skip This Banner

Since Dendro is a new element, we still have doubts if her Elemental Reactions are worth considering over the other conventional ones like Electro-Charged or Melt. Collei also has a very low base ATK stat, which hurts her potential to become a carry like Xiangling (though you can still abuse Bennett’s ATK buff).

Collei doesn’t have much downsides in her kit, but here are some reasons why you would still want to skip pulling for her:

  1. You don’t like Collei’s design and/or gameplay.
  2. You don’t immediately need her, since she can appear in other banners as a non-rate-up 4-star character.
  3. You don’t like team comps that rely on Elemental Reactions.
  4. You’re saving your pity counter for a future character.


Collei is honestly a simple yet fun character to play, although she needs some amount of investment to truly see results from her. Who knows, maybe Hoyoverse will release a character in the future who will synergize perfectly with her? In any case, check out our Collei Guide for the best weapons and artifacts to pair with her for an optimal build. That will make your pull more worth it.