Kuki Shinobu is Genshin Impact’s newest 4-star character, who will arrive in the game’s next update: Genshin Impact version 2.7. With her full kit finally being shown during the Genshin Impact version 2.7 Special Program Livestream, are we now sure if she’s someone we want on our team? Now that she’s released, would you be pulling for her? Know your options in this Kuko Shinobu Guide.

Her element and abilities pose a unique dilemma for those who are interested in her kit: Should I risk my pity to get copies of her? Or is she simply not worth it? In this article, we have provided a list of her pros and cons, along with explanations and analyses regarding Shinobu’s gameplay in the upcoming update.

Why You Should Pull for Shinobu

Shinobu’s unique archetype certainly sets a good argument for why she’s a good pull: She’s the first Electro Healer in the game, and she can do a great job at that, too. Her healing isn’t tied to Energy unlike Diona and Jean, and her healing has near-permanent uptime unlike Barbara and Kokomi. Her HP scaling lets her be naturally tanky, which is great for newer players or unga bunga gameplay.

Being Electro has its upsides, too. Electro Resonance is great for teams that use a lot of Energy, especially Tazer teams. Electro also doesn’t clear the other elements when it procs an Elemental Reaction, which can provide more reactions on multi-element teams. 

Shinobu also gets so much better with higher Constellations. The most notable ones are Constellation 2, which allows for 100% E uptime, and Constellation 6, which can be a lifesaver during extreme content. Her potential might not be that clear yet for now, but she has a good amount of potential due to her unique traits.

Here are more reasons why Shinobu is a great pull:

  1. You like Shinobu’s design and/or gameplay.
  2. You need a decent and flexible healer whose name isn’t Barbara.
  3. You want to experiment with more Electro teams after the addition of Shinobu.
  4. You want to reunite your Arataki Itto with his sidekick.
  5. You want to collect her name card (It’s pretty cool!).
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If you’re now convinced about pulling for Kuki Shinobu, then check out our build for Kuki Shinobu here.

Why you should skip this banner

Being too unique also has its own set of problems, and Shinobu’s kit could just simply be trying to solve a problem that doesn’t exist yet. There are very few instances where an Electro healer is extremely needed, and long-time players should already have an amazing healer in their roster (like Bennett or Kokomi).

Electro supports are also more oriented in their damage output, instead of utility. Raiden Shogun provides massive burst DPS, Beidou has amazing AoE lightning bolts, and Fischl’s Oz provides immense single-target damage. In comparison, Shinobu’s damage output is quite lacking, even after heavy investment. 

Here are a couple more reasons why it’s better to skip Shinobu instead:

  1. You don’t like her design and/or gameplay.
  2. You can’t find a useful place for her in your team compositions.
  3. You are not interested in Electro characters.
  4. You don’t want to risk your pity count for a non-limited 4-star character.


Kuki Shinobu should be your pick if you need a healer in your All-Electro Lineup. Right now, that niche is particularly only hers, so you don’t really have any other option anyway. However, if you’re just looking to add more damage to your lineup, then Kuki Shinobu might not be the right choice for you. Shinobu’s role is very unique and she does her job really, really well. It’s just a matter of whether or not you have the right team composition to slot her in.