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Should you pull for Yoimiya in Genshin Impact? Is Yoimiya worth it?

Should you pull for Yoimiya?

Genshin Impact players might have spent all of their Primogems already on Ayaka. Some players might be saving up for Yoimiya instead. But for the undecided, is Yoimiya actually worth it? Whether you have leftover Primogems from Ayaka’s banner or someone who’s just scraping by with your Primogems, we’ve got you covered. We talk about the Pros and Cons of Yoimiya in this article.

Why you should save your Primogems for Baal

Most players seem to be skipping Yoimiya’s banner. It seems that players are more interested in getting 5-Star DPS characters. Since she is better built as a support character, many people don’t see any appeal from her. Besides, a lot of players spent almost all of their Primogems on Ayaka, which puts her in an unfavorable state. Hence, here are the reasons why you should NOT pull for Yoimiya, saving up your Primogems for Baal:

  1. You want to guarantee a Baal pull
  2. You don’t like Bow users
  3. Flashy Elemental Bursts are your thing
  4. You already have a lot of Pyro characters and struggle to keep up with their ascension materials and talent-up materials
  5. You already have Vaporize and Melt enablers

Why you should pull for Yoimiya

Meanwhile, it’s still not bad to pull for Yoimiya. While she lacks the game-changing abilities that Kazuha, Ayaka, and Ganyu had, Yoimiya’s still a decent Pyro Bow user you can play with. If you’re still starting out, spending your Primogems on her is also not a bad idea. Getting her will be an amazing power boost to your party – just make sure to clear enough content to reach Inazuma soon so you gain access to her ascension materials. Here are some more reasons why you SHOULD pull for Yoimiya:

  1. You don’t have a Pyro DPS character yet
  2. If you like characters with strong normal attacks
  3. Waifu collection is your thing
  4. You have a completely maxed out Rust – perfect for Yoimiya
  5. Benette is fully upgraded for your party, as she can be a great combo with Benette’s Elemental Burst

For a more in-depth guide on how to build a team around Yoimiya, and which weapons and artifacts you need to upgrade for the Queen of the Summer Festival, you can check out our article on The Best Weapon Build and Artifact Build for Yoimiya.