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Six players from this NBA season are 100% Hall of Fame locks, says Basketball Reference

According to Basketball Reference, there are only 6 active NBA players that are a 100% lock for the Basketball Hall of Fame.

Those six players are  Kobe Byrant, Tim Duncan, LeBron James, Kevin Garnett, Dwyane Wade, and Dirk Nowitzki.

That list is certainly hard to disagree with, and these players indeed have qualifications that make them worthy of being inducted into the legendary list of some of the best players ever.

They boast a massive list of multiple accomplishments and awards such as from rookie of the year, scoring champion, nba all-first team, MVP, finals MVP, and many more.

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michael jordan hall of fame

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The criteria however to be voted into the Hall of Fame is short and sweet and mentions none of those things. The only eligibility criteria listed by for player enshrinement is to be retired for at least 4 years. That’s very vague and seems to leave the voting process to lots of opinion, however there rarely seems to be a bias to favoritism when looking at the list of inductees.

This list seems to leave off a few other players who could easily fall in the same category of accomplishments in one way or another with the players listed above, even if not as many.

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