Sixers news: Dario Saric likes the chemistry among Philadelphia players
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Sixers news: Dario Saric likes the chemistry among Philadelphia players

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Last season, the Philadelphia 76ers became one of the NBA’s surprise teams as they won the most games over their last four campaigns. They planned to build on the momentum they gained by adding key pieces to their lineup this summer, highlighted by the selection of Markelle Fultz as the top pick in the draft, and the signing of J.J. Redick to a lucrative deal. However, Dario Saric feels that their improved roster is not their biggest advantage.

The 23-year-old Croatian international recently shared, via Antonis Stroggylakis of, that their chemistry will make it easier for them to reach their goal of reaching the playoffs. He also added that they are not just teammates, but also friends, which helped them trust each other.

“When you trust each other, when you have that particular feeling, it just makes it so much easier to accomplish things and perform within a team. That’s what I’m seeing in Philadelphia. We have good chemistry between us as people. Good humor as well. We frequently joke with each other. You know, in NBA sometimes people don’t hang out off the court like in Europe. In Europe, it’s more common to hang out with your teammates. But we’re good friends. And when we travel for away games we hang out a lot. It’s a really good thing. It’s a first step towards doing something good. It’s all about people. Trusting each other and believing in each other.”

The Sixers are also expecting Joel Embiid to be 100 percent healthy when the season begins, and the impending debut of last year’s first overall pick, Ben Simmons, gives the Philly faithful more reason to believe that “trusting the process” will pay dividends for their team.

Dario Saric on the other hand, had an impressive showing in the recently-concluded EuroBasket tournament, which will only add to his confidence. While it still remains to be seen how far the Sixers will go next season, their distinct advantage of having good chemistry might indeed be their biggest weapon, and could lead them to more success.