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Sixers news: MLB star Mike Trout rocks Ben Simmons’ uniform, Philadelphia tweets reaction

Mike Trout, 76ers

Not even Adrian Wojnarowski could’ve seen this coming, but it appears that Los Angeles Angels star outfielder Mike Trout is now a Philadelphia 76er.

That’s after the reigning MLB American League MVP took to Twitter Wednesday night to pay homage to Philly basketball by posting an image of him draped in full Ben Simmons 76ers gear. This is the latest expression of love by Trout for the 76ers. It could be recalled that he once voiced out his yearning for LeBron James to come play for the team.

As such, the Sixers aren’t leting this pass by as the team put up an epic reaction to Trout’s photo.

Of course, this is all for show, as Trout was merely taking part in the Halos’ gimmick of wearing basketball uniforms in preparation for a four-game series in Seattle.

Wait a minute. Is this a a slight troll job at the expense of Seattle, which is still waiting for an NBA team to set up shop in the city again? We’ll never know for sure, but hopefully for the Angels, the Seattle Mariners wouldn’t see it that way and use that as motivation to beat Los Angeles in the series.