Sixers news: Joel Embiid's real impact on Philadelphia is bigger than you imaged
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Sixers’ chances of winning goes up by 30 percent when Joel Embiid plays

joel embiid

The Philadelphia 76ers’ likelihood of making it to the playoffs has a fairly decent chance of coming to fruition, as they currently own the ninth seed in the Eastern Conference, with the next team above the ladder not far ahead. Fortunately, the Sixers have someone like Joel Embiid to help them achieve just that.

According to Paul Coro of The Los Angeles Times, the Sixers’ record is 17-12 when Embiid is playing. However, they’re 2-7 when the 7-foot center is not around. They’re also 18 points better for every 100 possession when he plays. All in all, Embiid’s presence on the court increases the team’s chances of winning by 30 percent.

Embiid recently sustained a hand injury during the Sixers’ game against the Phoenix Suns. Despite hurting, he still played against their next opponent, the San Antonio Spurs, and contributed 21 points, 11 rebounds, and four blocks, leading the Sixers to a 112-106 victory.

Philadelphia’s head coach in Brett Brown has already stated in an ESPN report last week that Embiid always faces the danger of being injured due to his unorthodox movements and style of play. But they also need him more on the floor than on the sidelines.

Embiid’s shooting touch, footwork, and defensive prowess are also some of the reasons why his presence plays a very big role in the team’s campaign this season. Hopefully, his sprained wrist will be the last scare.

There is no doubt on his game-changing capabilities. Embiid is the Sixers’ franchise cornerstone and it will take a concerted effort from him and the team to ensure that he can stay healthy the rest of the way.