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Sixers legend Allen Iverson recounts Tim Duncan’s snitch move in 2004

Allen Iverson, Tim Duncan, 76ers

Is Tim Duncan a snitch? If you are asking Philadelphia 76ers legend Allen Iverson, the answer is a resounding yes.

In an interview with the All The Smoke Podcast, the former Sixers star recounted a story with Duncan while they were with Team USA for the 2004 Olympics in Athens.

Apparently, a player played a peanut butter prank on A.I. While Iverson didn’t reveal who it was that played the prank on him, he did admit who ratted that player out.

“We were in our dorm, and I was asleep. And I woke up and had peanut butter between my feet and all in my hands and a [expletive] tickling my face,” the Sixers icon said. “I slapped my face — peanut butter everywhere. Tim snitched on who did it.”

This sounds like something Tim Duncan would do.  He was a very business-first type of player, and he was the eyes and ears of that national team with Gregg Popovich as the head coach.

For what it’s worth, Iverson had some nice words about Pop while talking about his thoughts on the hiring of Steve Nash by the Brooklyn Nets.

“I knew it with Steve Nash because he has so much to offer to our sport because he’s excellent, he’s a great person. I never had the luxury of being around him a lot, but just hearing stories from others,” Allen Iverson said. “He’s just a beautiful man. Shout out to you, Steve, I wanna see you do great man. I wanna see you become a legendary Gregg Popovich, Larry Brown type influence in peoples’ lives like they were to me. You know Gregg Popovich was so great to me from far away. Always supportive…Just excellent.”

While Iverson’s story is undoubtedly funny, it’s hard not to wonder who would dare play a prank on him.