Philadelphia 76ers head coach Doc Rivers has the offensive playbook mapped out. With Joel Embiid surrounded by a bunch of elite shooters, the Sixers coach sent out a firm warning to other teams.

Last season, Embiid had a hard time passing off the post when the double teams came. In an attempt to remedy this, the Sixers added 3-point gunners Danny Green and Seth Curry to the fold. For Rivers, this little tweak will make all the difference in the world.

The new Philly coach is so confident that he is daring opposing teams to double Embiid.

“If you don’t trap Joel, Joel is going to score on you and we’ve talked about that every day so far,” Doc Rivers said, per Ky Carlin of USA Today. “If you do trap Joel, we’re going to score on you. We’re gonna give you every night, you pick it, but we’re scoring either way. That’s got to be our mindset we clearly have to take care of the ball and I think part of that is the space that we can create for him and the passing lanes that we have to create for him so we can simplify it for him.”

Green and Curry will join Furkan Korkmaz and Tobias Harris as the designated shooters of the squad. This was something that the team lacked over the past few seasons. While Embiid is an elite post player, he struggled mightily when defenses hounded him.

With a new and improved supporting cast guided by a coach who knows exactly what he's doing, it's safe to expect the Sixers to have a good 2020-21 season.