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Exactly what COVID-19+ Seth Curry did during Sixers-Nets game

Seth Curry Sixers Nets coronavirus

The entire Philadelphia 76ers squad is now under quarantine following Seth Curry’s COVID-19 positive test result. Adrian Wojnarowski of ESPN revealed that even before the result came out, Curry was on the bench with his teammates.

Right after the positive result came out, Curry quickly left the court-area and entered isolation.

The entire 76ers squad will stay in New York to quarantine. Personnel in charge will also conduct contact tracing.

The league has yet to announce how this Sixers incident will affect the coming games. But the league has the following guidelines under their health and safety protocols for the 2020-21 regular season:

• Anyone who tests positive will have two routes to return to work: go 10 days or more after the first positive test or onset of symptoms, or test negative twice at least 24 hours apart via PCR testing.

• Any player who tests positive, even if asymptomatic, will not be allowed to exercise for a minimum of 10 days and then must be monitored in individual workouts for an additional two days.

Note that Nets star Kevin Durant missed the Sixers game as he’s currently serving a seven-day quarantine period after being exposed to someone who tested positive for COVID-19. He is slated to miss the Nets’ game on Friday against the Memphis Grizzlies and Sunday against the Oklahoma City Thunder.

Under league rules, as long as Durant tests negative for the coronavirus, the earliest he can return is on January 12 against the Denver Nuggets.

Expect further announcements as to how Curry’s positive result will affect the 76ers’ schedule. They are set to face the Nuggets on Saturday, followed by the Atlanta Hawks on Monday.