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Sixers’ Joel Embiid insists he’s not unhappy with Jimmy Butler trade, just his new role

Joel Embiid

Philadelphia 76ers All-Star center Joel Embiid says that he’s not unhappy with the Jimmy Butler trade, insisting that his new role is what’s unsatisfying. Ranked among the top five in scoring before the Butler trade, Embiid has failed to reach the 20-point mark in his last three games for the Sixers.

The Philly Inquirer’s Keith Pompey tweeted out Embiid’s current situation with the team.

Joel Embiid is unhappy with his role that has him mostly starting plays in the perimeter since the Jimmy Butler trade. Embiid wants to make it clear that he is not unhappy with the trade. He just thinks his new role – not being tired – is the cause for his struggles.

With the league inclining towards a pace-and-space offense, Embiid is among those big men who still scores a lot around the rim. Though a good perimeter player himself, Embiid still wants his offense to start from the post as evident in his remarks on his new role.

To be fair, Sixers head coach Brett Brown hasn’t had a lot of time to figure out the team’s offensive schemes with Butler. It’s no surprise that Embiid has seen his touches in the post decrease with Butler around. An offense that starts with Embiid on the post could stop the ball from moving around, making Butler just stand around instead of trying to create opportunities for him and his teammates.

Even so, putting a third superstar to the mix is never an easy job for a coach to do. Assuredly, Brown and Embiid will talk about this matter and figure out what’s best for the team going forward. The Sixers have been playing well as a team with Butler, moving to 18-9 and second in the Eastern Conference.